Fujian Mercedes-Benz | Safety Centre @ Beijing Auto Show

Mediatecture, Content Concept & Interactive Installation Design

Mercedes-Benz has set itself the mission to build the safest vans in the world and gives unconditional devotion to vehicle safety. It is this intention that mostly differentiates Mercedes-Benz vans from any other product in the corresponding market as well as driving forward the endless innovation and improvement of their safety technologies.

At the Interactive Safety Centre, Mercedes-Benz offered visitors the possibility to experience a driving situation where safety counts, interactively showcasing how their Sprinter van excels.

Luxoom supported Fujian Benz with mediatecture, content concepts, development and interactive installation design.

The Brief
Design and develop an Interactive Safety Center within Fujian Daimler’s 1000 sqm outdoor booth at the Beijing Auto Show. The Safety Center had to provide a space where visitors could explore the sprinter safety features in an interactive way.

The Challenge
Deliver the serious topic 'safety' in a fun way, catch the audience's interest and creating a link between 'safety' and the brand.

The Solution
A safety island attracted visitors' interest with its eye-catching design and media columns introduced the safety topic. The installation directly addressed visitors by having their individual silhouettes isolated and set into the different content environments – building up a personal and real-time link to the different safety topics. The visitor then could interact in the different games – by transforming the silhouette shape into a highway, for example, where the Sprinter's ESP system could be challenged.