Diesel Ducati | Ducati Monster Diesel iPad Mosaic

Mediatecture, Media Concept & Production

Ducati and Diesel, the two iconic Italian brands, chose Shanghai as the kick-off location for their long-anticipated collaboration.

Luxoom supported HLD Event with mediatecture, content concepts, development and interactive installation design.

The Brief
Luxoom was invited to create an interactive, digital gallery installation for the teaser campaign, which would feature the product shots of the collection and create buzz for the upcoming launch in China.

The Challenge
Both brands are benchmarks for style and trend in their respective fields, thus Luxoom was asked to create a design that reflects this aspiration. People had to become curious from afar with a clever attention grabber which could encoruage them to come over and explore.

The teaser campaign was held in a downtown shopping mall featuring a product display and industrial set-up. Content displayed in the gallery was a combination of product shots, brand video and product information.

The Solution
The iPad Mosaic allows for an artistic shape and offers interactive experience. Instead of traditional TV screens, Luxoom opted for iPads as display medium, as it provides mutliple possibilities for screen arrangements and interesting physical contours. The iPad Mosaic presents content in a fresh and interesting way - pictures and video sequences created focus points, were deconstructed and took positions originating from the audience's points of interaction. The iPads transform the photo display into an interactive experience encouraging the audience to engage and explore. Different content is paired with color identifiers to present a more intuitive navigation.