BMW 5 Series Presentation | 2017

Media Conception, Mediatecture, Production

BMW 5 Series Presentation 2017


As part of the “Experience BMW 5 Series” presentation showcasing the two new Business Athletes, the models 540i and 530d, Luxoom was tasked to design a contemporary and multi-sensory presentation across BMW’s brand stores and showrooms.


The Brief

Create a compelling presentation for the two new BMW 5 Series models, displaying the synthesis of modern and luxurious workmanship with powerful and durable engineering.  


The Challenge

Create a lasting customer impression with topmost emphasis on user experience and engagement. To achieve these objectives, a key part of the presentation was the development of a multi-sensory “Dynamic Wall,” which featured several elements visitors could engage with via built-in iPads, headphones and haptic experiences. Sound, scent, and touch via leather and other material samples were integrated to provide a unique and engaging experience of the new BMW interior design.


The Solution

The minimalis yet elegant combination of black and silver materials in addition to the mesmerising accents of navy blue light created a unique and futuristic vibe throughout the exhibition. Two of the photos above show the direct relation between the 3D rendering and the final result, drawing attention to the detailed realisation of the project.