BMW i Ecosystem Presentation | 2017

Media Conception, Product Design, Production

BMW i Ecosystem Presentation 2017 

BMW i stands for a new visionary mobility concept — a holistic and ground-breaking approach that is redefining sustainable premium mobility, combining electric drives, innovative materials and utilizing revolutionary technologies, all to match individual needs.

The Brief 

Outline the visionary approach of the BMW i Ecosystem by implementing an interactive, customer-focused product presentation among BMW’s Brand Stores and showroom locations. 

The Challenge

To set ourselves apart and excel beyond competition while representing BMW’s consistent high standard, its diverse innovative technologies and remarkable design. 

The Solution

The Smart Ecosystem presented within the Brand Stores in Paris and Brussels was based on the familiar BMW i pentagon pattern and aimed to showcase the living and growing services, concepts and innovations of the car manufacturer. Luxoom designed an immersive installation that inspires visitors to engage and interact with the ecosystem, thereby illustrating the overall "intelligent“ developments that are so potent in our digital culture today.  

Particular focus was placed on the BMW i Dash, the world’s first built-in wireless smart headphones in a car, which provides unprecedented functionalities such as gesture control and heartbeat monitoring while setting a new paradigm in this rapidly developing digital society.