EXPO 2017 Astana | 2014 WFES Abu Dhabi Exhibition Booth

Interactive Experiences & Digital Communication

EXPO 2017 Astana, Kazakhstan chose the 2014 World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi for its first international presence, time to define and shape its profile.

Luxoom took on the creative direction and was responsible for the entire interactive and digital content in partnership with EXPONENTIAL GROUP.

The Brief
Showcase Kazakhstan's rich culture and its aspiration for the EXPO 2017 Astana. The EXPO 2017 theme 'Future Energy' needs to be delivered in an approachable and interesting way activating visitors and media coverage.

The Challenge
Deliver a topic with such a scientific and factual background in a playful and engaging way. The design and conception of the interactive stations had to be deliver key facts, but moreover raise interest in EXPO 2017, Kazakhstan and Astana.

The Solution
What is the first experience a visitor has with EXPO 2017 – literally standing in the middle of Future Energy and creating an interactive 3D Film with the visitor himself in the lead role. An installation of screen columns with an application based on MS Kinect and build in Unity3D made this instant film-production experience possible – giving hundreds of visitors the chance to get their own 3D film via the EXPO 2017 website. For EXPO 2017 valuable marketing data was collected and with a commited team of hosts and hostesses, many visitors were led into a dialogue on Future Energy and the EXPO 2017.

Real-time 3D interactive screens designed and created in VENTUZ allowed visitors to dive into the different sub-themes and topics of the EXPO 2017 while an iPAD mosaic of Astana and Kazakhstan invited to explore an inspiring and beautiful image of Kazakhstan.

With many high level guests and a lot of compliments for the exhibition booth and communication: a very succesful first presence for the EXPO 2017 team!