Mercedes-Benz | MB E-Class Media Workshop

Mediatecture & Content Concepts, Production & Interactive Installation

The E-Class media workshop was about bringing media and press to experience the all-new Mercedes-Benz E-Class, based on the new lifestyle of the contemporary E-Class customers. The new E-Class assists, enhances, and even provides the “spark” for the quality life desired and aspired by its customers. 

Luxoom supported OSK China with mediatecture & content concepts,  production, interactive installation planning & design and on-site implementation.

The Brief
To convey the product message “Essence of Quality Life” across each of the interactive exhibits, showcasing the Intelligent Drive & Assistance System as well as refinements in comfort and entertainment through the use of cutting-edge multimedia system.

The Challenge
To implement and bring produced content in line with proposed multimedia system requires commitment to a professional understanding of technical feasibility and interactive user experience. 

The Solution
Each of the interactive exhibits received a self-contained interface and content design communicating the respective topic and facility while coherently coexisting with each other as a cohesive whole. Luxoom worked in close cooperation with all parties involved on technical planning and realization.