Porsche | Porsche Panamera 2014 China National Launch

Mediatecture, Media Concept & Production, Interactive Installations

With the National Launch in Foshan, the new Porsche Panamera aimed to set the benchmark among competitors with its revised design, improved product features and new drive models. Once again the new Panamera proves itself as the pure embodiment of the Porsche dedication to sports car performance with everyday usability in a luxury sedan.

Luxoom supported VokDams China with mediatecture, media and interactive installation concept as well as design, production and on-site implementation.

The Brief
To create an enthralling gala event staging the new Panamera as the ultimate luxury sedan uniting “Thrilling Contradictions” whilst remaining a Porsche for every day. Nonetheless, to ensure that participants depart with the confidence to introduce the new Panamera to their local markets. 

The Challenge
To reinforce “Intelligent Performance” as the brand core and “Fascination Sports Car” as the brand personality,  emphasizing the Porsche competence to combine seeming contradictions.

The Solution
The reconciliation of seeming contradictions is reflected in the stage design as well as in the content narrative and visualization. “Thrilling Contradictions” are represented throughout the entire mingle and launch area to set a distinct and immersive atmosphere for the event theme. The launch moment plays the highlight of the show: Duality of the LED screens well embodies the concept of contradictions. Along the dramaturgy of the launch moment, the two screens gradually slide towards each other and finally become one entity - symbolizing the impeccable convergence of “Thrilling Contradictions”.