BMW | BBA Interactive Change Management

Content Production & Interactives

Luxoom's live experiences transform common team building activities into engaging games with rich digital interactive programs, while delivering the message behind the corporate management culture. It goes beyond attendees just having fun; it establishes bonds and playfully exhibits leadership values – leaving each team with a stronger impression.

Luxoom supported Greenkern Beijing with content concepts, production and interactive installation design.

The Brief
Develop a concept for the introduction of BMW's five leadership values as a highly interactive team experience.

The Challenge
The interactive experience should bring BMW's leadership values to life and convey them in an entertaining and memorable way that engages and excites people. The introduction of the different values was presented under an overacting storyline to give the whole event a theme and a goal. All interactive experiences needed to be playable by teams with the aim of fostering team spirit, team interaction, leadership qualities and encouraging individuals to think about the issues of guiding and inspiring those around them.

The Solution
Five tasks corresponding to BMW's leadership values were developed. Tasks could only be solved by teamwork and challenged all participants in new and surprising ways. Using interactive equipment gave the entire management workshop a special twist and created a long lasting impression.