Mercedes-Benz | MB 125! Years Anniversary Event

Interactive Installation & Production

In January 2011, Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz celebrated the invention of the automobile with a spectacular event in Shanghai: The Grand Opening of the first Mercedes-Benz Arena outside of Germany. The event marked the first highlight in a year full of highlights celebrating the motor car's 125th birthday with multiple worldwide activities.

Following the Mercedes-Benz slogan of 125! years of invention, Luxoom highlighted the brand's achievements of consistently reinventing the automobile on an extravagant media installation. 

Luxoom supported Avantgarde Beijing with interactive installation design and production. 

The Brief
Find a way of showcasing Mercedes-Benz highlight models in a more distinctive and engaging way than usual mutlimedia exhibition.

The Challenge
Developing 3D models of historic automobiles with short production time and designing a compelling way of interactively showcasing the Mercedes-Benz timeline - enabeling guests to experience the brand's aspiration to constantely re-invent itself.

The Solution
Luxoom created a compelling mediatecture functioning on different receptive levels. The design was inspired by the futuristic approach of the brand's latest car studies. The bright 125! and its color changes set the lively mood of the mingling area which also cleverly integrated into the interactive LCD screens.

Guests had the possibility to explore Mercedes-Benz's brand universe by choosing a model influential to automotive history from the Mercedes-Benz timeline, rotating it on screen and comparing it with previous or successive models.