Land Rover | Range Rover Evoque China Launch

Mediatecture, Interactives & Mapping Projection

Working on the undisputedly most anticipated launch of 2011 in China, Land Rover asked to do things differently. Why should people buy the Range Rover Evoque? Because the Evoque is a game changer. Its disciplined design sense and awesome driving capabilities shift the Evoque from car to coveted lifestyle: a ‘must have’. The core idea needed to be brought to display for the launch and with an estimated 70% of buyers new to the brand an entirely new experience had to be created.

Luxoom supported Avantgarde Shanghai with interior design and mediatecture, content concepts and mapping projection as well as interactive sculpture design and execution.

The Brief
Design, technology, sustainability and luxury were the 4 topics to be featured at the launch showcase. The showcase had to be youthful, playful and stylish.

The Challenge
A different concept of car launch was needed to create a strong impact and impress the public with the new features and character of the Evoque.

The Solution
The Evoque wraps its driver in a world of design and lifestyle and the welcome area reflected that with a design space folded around the visitor journey. Media sculptures displayed different aspects of design, technology, sustainability and luxury like artworks arranged in a gallery space. Intelligent interactions gave the visitors a straightforward idea of the Evoque’s character.

20 iPads arranged like swaying reeds interplayed and interacted with the visitors. Neatly designed waves of pictures flowed from the point of interaction and provided the visitors with an idea about the luxurious quality of materials and design elements in the Evoque. Using iPads made for a barrier-free interaction that visitors happily used to explore the luxurious quality of the Evoque.

A ‘green’ interface was needed for the theme of sustainability. ‘Green’ for Luxoom as well as for Land Rover goes beyond the pure color, rather is defined as a natural and sustainable approach. Working in a dedicated real-time 3D environment, dandelions were affected by sunlight and moved as in an air flow, while the visitors' interaction revealed information about sustainability.

Where other brands talk about technology and performance figures, Land Rover prefers style and inspiration. Projection mapping on the car and its surroundings made a lasting impression with its colorful aura, and showed the Evoque in a completely new light.