Bosch Diesel Systems | Bosch Clean Diesel Roadshow

Creative Concept, Technical Planning, Interactive Exhibit Planning, Development & Implementation

Bosch Diesel Systems developed a roadshow targeted on Chinese OEMs, universities, government officials and media outlets, touring through China over a course of six months. 

The Experience Tour was designed to push Bosch‘s Clean Diesel Technology in the Chinese market and to test its performance, the the drivers collecting data about distance travelled, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Luxoom supported Avantgarde Shanghai with concept, technical planning, interactive exhibit planning, development and implementation.

The Brief
Diesel is a relatively low-key topic, especially in comparison with hybrid and electric vehicles, but it is one with great potential in contemporary China. The Bosch Clean Diesel Roadshow aims to boost the awareness of diesel cars within a wide range of target groups, by creating enthusiasm and increasing their sensitivity for such vehicles by means of information, examples of best practice and emotional experiences.

The Challenge
Turn a plain topic into an emotional brand experience and still ensure the delivery of important messages.

The Solution
The Experience Tour Wall as the main exhibit consisted of a 5 meters wide wall with an interactive touch surface. At each stop of the tour selected pictures, blog articles, videos and reports could be explored.