Bentley | Bentley New Flying Spur China Launch

Media Concept, Production & On-site Implementation

Bentley is the definitive British luxury car brand and dedicated to developing and crafting the world’s most desirable high performance cars for the most demanding customers worldwide. With the launch of its most prestigious model - the All-New Flying Spur - Bentley set out to showcase its brand heritage and supreme refinement in handcrafted luxury, distinctive timeless design and powerful performance.

Luxoom supported HighTeam Beijing with media content concept, production and on-site implementation.

The Brief
To create a top-notch gala event for the launch of the New Bentley Flying Spur. 

The Challenge
Invited guests should receive a premium yet unique experience of the brand’s luxury and exquisiteness.

The Solution
To create an immersive experience where the guests enjoy their four-course dinner at five long banquet rows surrounded by three 40m long LED-walls. Throughout the dinner each of the four video sequences will let guests dive into the world of Bentley showcasing its heritage, design, technology and performance. The driving tracks along the sprawled LED walls serves as a “cat walk” for the car models, as well as for the performers - each one telling a story about their first-hand experience with Bentley - accompanied by the enthralling visuals.