Jaguar | Jaguar 2013 Model Range China Launch

Interactive Ventuz Presentation, Design & Content Production

The beautiful surroundings of Sanya, China, were the setting for Jaguar's launch of the 2013 model range in late November 2012. Clear focus of the event was to introduce all guests to the new technical updates and engines of the 2013 model range and to further implement the new marketing strategy - Effortless Performer.

Luxoom supported Avantgarde Shanghai with design and content production as well as a gesture-based and interactive product presentation.

The Brief
Surprise the invited guests with a distinctive, vanguard and highly interactive product presentation that highlights all the new technological updates and Jaguar‘s engine as the core element.

The Challenge
Find a playful and surprising way of presenting highly complex topics rich in technical details, whilst keeping Jaguar‘s premium standards.

The Solution
Searching for an application which was flexible and versatile enough to give a distinctive look to the product presentation whilst enabling complex interaction. The choice was made for Ventuz which, as a surface with high-end graphical standards combined with interaction, depicts the future of presenting content.