Siemens AG | Siemens Exidertrain

Overall Creative Direction, Content Development, Technical Planning, Media Concept & Production

The Siemens Exidertrain was a roadshow concept developed for Siemens Automation & Drives to showcase the future of automation. The roadshow covered stops in Europe, Asia and the United States over a time period of three years. The mobile exhibition booth actively involved visitors and introduced them to the world of Siemens automation.

Luxoom was responsible for overall creative direction, content development, technical planning, media concept and production.

The Brief
Deliver the future of automation and Siemens‘ substantial role in this topic, in an innovative and inspiring approach that won't loose its state-of-the-art concept over an extended period.

The Challenge
The concept needed to offer various forms of presentation and experience in constricted space while addressing each target group individually and being adaptable to local market requirements.

The Solution
Adjusted to the spatial situation, an introductory show presents integration as the central subject by using the depths of the wagon. Visitors experienced this production on a moving platform. The train‘s nine wagons offered a variety of sensual impressions, substantial information and product diversity offered by Siemens Automation & Drives.