Jaguar | Jaguar Alive Tour

Mediatecture, Content Concepts & Production, Interactive Installation Planning, Design & Execution

Jaguar‘s Alive Tour, a complex brand experience with implemented test drive touring through 20 Chinese cities, asked for a reliable registration system for over 6,000 guests as well as engaging and innovative interactive experiences to turn customers into brand fans.

To handle the vast array of visitors and ensure a smooth event flow, Luxoom developed a QR code based registration system, which enables automatic recognition and a faster check-in process as well as an emotional and truly personalized experience for every guest.

Luxoom supported Avantgarde Shanghai with mediatecture, content concepts and production, interactive installation planning, design and execution.

The Brief
Jaguar‘s brand message ,Alive‘ had to be implemented on all levels to achieve a completely new understanding of the brand for visitors. All elements had to be exclusive, distinctive and interactive.

The Challenge
Converting a shipping container into a traveling brand showroom while facilitating the high-standard and luxurious aspiration of the Jaguar brand. The great amount of visitors and locations required a reliable and interconnected registration solution which could also blend with the displayed interactive content that was supposed to create a long-lasting impression.

The Solution
Using a system with realtime data synchronization, fast registration and guest identification added to the ‘Alive’ experience. Personalized QR codes gave the entire event a distinctive touch. The highlight was a gesture-based content browser that transferred the user’s silhouette onto the screen, into the their personalized brand universe. This allowed users to explore brand content with simple intuitive hand motions.