Mediatecture, Media Production & Mapping Projection

The German insurer HMI – recently taken over by ERGO insurance – was to be renamed in a big show to ERGO pro. It needed a big bang to let go of the old brand name and to unite all its employees under the new roof. Luxoom made it happen with a huge 3D stage matching projection that transformed the old logo into the newly created one, showing how much positive power was merged into the new brand.

Luxoom supported MetaDesign Berlin with technical planning, consulting and media production for the 3D mapping projection.

The Brief
Develop, together with the creatives of MetaDesign, a mapping projection that builds a powerful 30 seconds transition from the old brand logo to the newly created one.

The Challenge
The stage was long planned before the idea of projection mapping came up – making it tricky to find ways to create a huge immersive three dimensional experience.

The Solution
Pre-building the mapping in a virtual 3D environment helped to support the design, easily showing what effects and approaches worked best on the given stage. As a result a perfect solution that fitted with the wide seating arrangement for the audience could be created, bringing major impact to the show.