VW | VW 21st Century Beetle Launch

Mediatecture, Media Concept & Production

The biggest VW event in China in 2012 was the launch of the 21st century Beetle.

Luxoom won the concept and design in close cooperation with Avantgarde Beijing and succeed during the second step in the tender for content production – producing all video and presentation contents for a great evening of 'Rocking the Beetle live!' under the lead of HighTeam Beijing.

The Brief 
Turn the VW Beetle into an emotional brand ambassador for Volkswagen and reinvigorate the entire brand by creating interactive show media and presentations under the motto of 'Rocking the Beetle live!"

The Challenge
Create moments of life that one can associate with and always relate to the VW Beetle.

The Solution
Our guests entered the venue 'from backstage' and found themselves as the audience of a rock concert. The Beetle was our hero act, supported by a live band. Our audience became part of the overall atmosphere, due to the usage of show effects borrowed from rock concerts. They’re not spectators anymore - they’re fans.

The show revolved around “Rocking the Beetle life!”. The message activated the audience and involved them in the overall Beetle experience. The generated content was bold, interacted with live acts and the cars moving around the stage – a grand and multi-faceted show that directly included the target group and turned them into fans.