Siemens AG | Siemens Exiderdome World Tour

Mediatecture, Content Concept, Development & Production

Siemens Exiderdome – Siemens Automation and Drives Division's traveling exhibition hall – toured the world from 2005 to 2008. The Exiderdome's highlight was the welcome show: a transforming showroom with a 34 meters wide projection screen, that surrounded the room and immersed the visitors while explaining why behind everything in life there is a little bit of Siemens.

Luxoom developed the idea and content concept, oversaw the technical planning and implementation as well as the gobal and local production of the show.

The Brief
Showcasing the relevance of Siemens in everyone’s daily life and connecting each region to Siemens Industry's products and services.

The Challenge
Showcase a major global company as a potent local partner and generate relevance for different target groups – from public, over media to government and b2b-clients. Attention needed to be drawn on a broad and complex topic with a show that could be shipped, assembled and dismantled in a short time and repeated all over the planet.

The Solution
A changing multimedia room immersed the visitors in a highly interactive exhibition and took them through a journey connecting automation and electricity supply with their daily life. On the 12,000 pixels wide projection screens running around the room, an introduction film was produced especially for the exiderdome with a variety of regional adaptations to establish the identification of Siemens as a local partner. The physical transformation of the room gave an extra depth to the message and was linked to the automation capabilities of Siemens. The audience became part of the show and was deeply drawn into the world of Siemens Industry.