Mediamarkt | Mediamarkt @ Expo 2010 in Shanghai Launch

Mediatecture, Design, Content Development & Production, Interactive

Mediamarkt opened its doors in Shanghai in late 2010 – and used the Expo 2010 to generate attention for this upcoming event. By constructing a casual and Mediamarkt-branded space containing corporate stories, it triggered a positive corporate image and attracted future employees.

We supported Uniplan Köln in designing, planning and producing the contents of the Mediamarkt space in the Düsseldorf Pavilion (UBPA).

The Brief
Develop a mediatecture story that fits Mediamarkt's young and lively image and into the given 36 m2 Expo space.

The Challenge
The space left almost no space for architecture, taking visitor's shadows and the geometry into consideration. Additionally the budget was tight and placed limits on the hardware to be used.

Merging the different Mediamarkt stories and the provided space into one single visitor experience, always considering the close link to the company.

The Solution
Several employee stories on LCD screens around the room were integrated into an architectural projection, and interactions reached out over the limitations of the screens creating one unique experience together with different graphic scenarios and architectural forms.

A photo booth installation linked via QR codes to the internet, allowing visitors to playfully integrate themselves into the Mediamarkt universe.