Putuo City Government | Putuo District Interactive Table

Concept, Content Development & Production

The Shanghai Putuo city government was responsible for the new Putuo Urban Exhibition Hall. They wanted to give its visitors an interactive overview about the Putuo district's features. A circular interactive table gives a 360º real-time access to a 3D city model – playfully showcasing the district components.

Luxoom created the interactive table for This Way! Shanghai, including technical planning, concept and content development as well as production.

The Brief
Create a digital table as the main exhibit of the new Putuo Urban Exhibition hall that goes beyond the common 2D interfaces and allows direct access to the district's features and history.

The Challenge
To create a 2 meter diameter round multitouch table with a live 3D engine that gives an individual experience with high quality standards even while serving up to eight visitors at a time.

The Solution
Together with the Putuo government, we created content for a typical but genuine city element with a river that was translated into a day-to-night 3D scenery. Highlights in the model marked interactive contents and gave visitors an intuitive access to the navigation.

A surface allowing for a world-first round table construction with superior rear projection quality was selected in cooperation with Omega Glass Germany. A live 3D application - developed on the Unity3D platform - rendered multiple visitor interactions with 3D content.