Mercedes-Benz | MB C-Class China Launch Event

Content Production, Stage Design & Show Production

As one of the status cars for the rising affluent Chinese elite, the C-Class represents a dream of luxury, mobility and urbanity. The new generation Mercedes-Benz C-Class Launch in Beijing had to initiate a more progressive era and convince 800 guests from the media, VIPs, top customers and the Mercedes-Benz management of its relevance.

Luxoom supported Avantgarde Beijing with stage design, mediatecture, content concepts and production as well as live show direction. 

The Brief
C-Class is a luxury car targeting the elite and as such it was about to be introduced to the Chinese market and thus had to be launched with a big bang: an impressive stage presence with electrifying show concept.

The Challenge
The show needed to reach out to 800 guests in one massive event space.

The Solution
Designing a stage for 800 guests was challenging. It was solved by creating a formation of angled projection surfaces, referencing Mercedes-Benz trade fair architecture. All show media content was wrapped around the architectural unconformity. It had maximum affect with a surprising media content spectacle guaranteeing a good view from all angles. As a show highlight, the center of the stage opened to allow a formation of cars to drive out - featuring the entire model range.