About us

30 years of value

Luxoom – founded 1981  as av.f medienprojekte by the photographers Uli Sauerwein and Trolly Trojahn. We focus on combining interaction, visuals, sound and space into brand and edutainment experiences. 

We are a pioneer in the field of multimedia with a track record of over 30 years as the driver in design and innovation. Since the Siemens corporate pavilion production at the World Expo Sevilla ’92, we designed what was later termed ‘the first fully digitally created multimedia show worldwide’. 

Abundant technology with the integration of media into space quickly ensued, and we continued to follow our core belief in superb story-telling and visual excellence. The idea is to use creativity and human centric design to create something extraordinary for our clients and visitors. Signature projects like the Siemens exider train and exiderdome worldwide roadshows became benchmarks in the market and contribute to reaching communication objectives as well as commercial success for our clients.

Although we are a relatively small company, we soon identified the need to be in key markets for our clients to be able to develop concepts away from German-centric thinking and to reach a global perspective. Hence in 2005, we chose Shanghai as a first stepping stone – and we established a leading position for event design and interactive media in the Chinese market. The bold move has been rewarded with a vast portfolio of new clients mostly from the automotive industry and luxury brands.

Today, with around 30 people worldwide and a strong network of partners to collaborate with, we grow our business and design from Shanghai and Berlin. We have a strong knowledge in building media experiences in B2B as well as B2C markets – for the premium industry and consumer brands.  

30 years brought much change in “how” we think, such as the integration into social networking, interactive technologies, and real-time processing. However, there is no change in “why” we do our work: the target stays the same – to create value for our clients and partners.