Humboldt Lab | 'Kopfgeld bei den Naga'

Exhibition Concept & Design


For the project ‘Paradies der Kopfjäger,’ which translates to ‘Paradise of the Naga Bounty Hunters’ Luxoom was tasked to develop a concept design for the exhibition that showcased individual artifacts, films, and documents of the Naga people, well-known bounty hunters, native to the Northeastern part of India and northwestern Myanmar (Burma).

 The Brief

Humboldt Lab was aiming for a design which would convey history and tradition of the Naga tribe within a modern context. An integration between the material of the exhibited pieces as well as the furniture and display cases was anticipated to create a unique customer experience.

The Challenge

Due to the ancient artifacts presented, the challenge was to integrate these unique artifacts into a modern presentation, and place major focus on the positioning and visual presentation of the exhibited pieces. 

The Solution

Luxoom created an experiential space installation to introduce the material. Multiple projectors emitting varying amounts of light across the room were combined with exhibition pieces hanging from the ceiling, creating an elegant presentation. Video projections on the wall furthermore created a sense of liveliness and reality inside the room. Glass displays in the middle of the room acted as reference points with further information about the culture and a seamless immersion into the overall exhibition.